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    Seven Seas Stamps - Product Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Seven Seas products?
  • What kind of stamp album pages do you have for Australia?
  • What kind of stamp album pages do you have for other countries?
  • What are album Binders?
  • What is a Slipcase?
  • What is an Album?
  • What is a Supplement?
  • What are Optional Pages?
  • What stamps do we have?
  • What do MUH, MINT and USED mean?

  • Q: What are Seven Seas products?
    Our main products are stamp album pages for Australia, AAT, Christmas Island, Cocos ( Keeling) Islands, Papua New Guinea, Norfolk Island, Samoa, Nauru, Fiji, Pitcairn Island and New Zealand. We also manufacture the binders and other accessories related to these pages.

  • Q: What kind of stamp album pages do you have for Australia?
    We have both Standard and Hingeless pages. Standard pages are designed to be used with stamp hinges. Hingeless pages have polystyrol stamp mounts affixed over photographic illustrations that provide protection for your stamps. Pages printed in two colours on heavyweight matt stock, with issue titles, release dates, perfs, designers names and interesting background information about each issue.

  • Q: What kind of stamp album pages do you have for other countries?
    Other countries pages only available in hingeless format.

  • Q: What are album Binders?
    A convenient and safe means of storing your stamp album pages. These have 2, 3 or 4 rings and are available in Burgundy, Blue, Green or Brown. Please be sure to specify a colour when ordering.

  • Q: What is a Slipcase?
    It is a protective cover for each binder which keeps it vertical and dust-free on your bookshelf. Available in matching colours for binders.

  • Q: What is an Album?
    In our terms, an album consists of one or more binders with matching slipcase/s containing all the relevant album pages for that title.

  • Q: What is a Supplement?
    Each year we produce a set of album pages for each country to house the standard issue of stamps released in the previous year. This set of pages is called a supplement for the particular year. Supplements are available individually for each country for at least the last 10 years.

  • Q: What are Optional Pages?
    These are pages that are the same format as the annual supplements but are designed to accommodate items that are not included in the supplement. Items such as Exhibition Overprints, complete Booklets, Vending Machine Stamps, Perforation Variations, Koala Reprints and many others.

  • Q: What stamps do we have?
    We maintain stocks of Australia, AAT, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Christmas Island, Norfolk Island, Nauru and Papua New Guinea. Where stamps are listed as sets, eg. 444z, only the complete set can be purchased. Single stamps from within the set will not be supplied.

  • Q: What do MUH, MINT and USED mean?
    MUH means in original condition as issued by the Post Office. It means the same as MNH (in USA), UMM (in UK) and **(in Europe). MINT means unused with gum and lightly hinged. USED means either postally used, or for more recent issues, cancelled to order (CTO).

  • On-Special

    "NEW" Headed 'Australia'- pack of 50 Plain (NO GRID) Leaves

    2020 Australian Antarctic Territory Hingeless Supplement

    2020 Cocos (Keeling) Islands Hingeless Supplement

    2020 Christmas Island Hingeless Supplement

    2020 Norfolk Island Hingeless Supplement

    2020 New Zealand Optional Pages

    2020 New Zealand Hingeless Supplement

    2020 PNG Hingeless Supplement

    2020 Booklets Pack - 27 booklet pages (Included in PACK1)

    2020 Australian Optional Pages - Including PACK2 Booklets

    2020 Australian Hingeless Supplement (incl. polystyrol mounts)

    2020 Australian Standard Supplement (hinges required)

    PRINZ Corner Mounts (250) for Covers, Photos, Documents

    Stanley Gibbons Collect British Stamps - 2020 Edition


    Australian Commonwealth Specialists' Catalogue - QEII Pre-Decimals 1952-1966. 4th Edition

    Australian Commonwealth Specialists' Catalogue - King George VI. 4th Edition

    2022 Stanley Gibbons STAMPS OF THE WORLD - 6 Volume Set in Colour in Collection Pack

    Big Bag of Mounts Pack - 600 mounts BACK IN STOCK

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